The Meta-Ethical Problem (2015)

A very brief (1 minute) interactive fiction made with Twine 2, purely as an exercise in practicing with Twine 2. Takes a joke from a great McSweeney’s article and adds a second, less funny punchline on the end of it.

Play in your browser here!

You Brought A Knife to a Gun Fight! (2015)


“It’s the bi-monthly meeting of the Gun Fight Club again – but disaster! You only brought a knife! To a gun fight! What are you like?

The only way to save face is to survive this deadly meetup. Thankfully, you have unexplained powers that allow you to slow down time! Use them to great effect as you mow down your opponents. It only recharges when blood is drawn, however, so prepare to be brave, charge headlong into the fray and get those combos!”

A game I made with Alan O’Brien for Ludum Dare 32 under the theme of ‘An Unconventional Weapon’. It’s a top-down game where you take on a bunch of dudes with guns using only a knife and a bullet-time ability. Think Hotline Miami by way of Superhot. Alan and I also recorded a post-mortem podcast where we talked a little a bout the process behind some of our decision making, what we liked about the game and what we could have done better.

Download the game from!
Listen to the post-mortem podcast with Alan and Alex!

Shipping by Moonlight (2014)


A short interactive fiction piece made in Twine about the sea, the harbour, boating, self-confidence, maternal relationships and grief.

Couple of notes to prospective readers: first, there are always two links on the page, one of which advances the story along a lighter (hint hint) path, while the other opens up one of the darker endings. If you feel the story has ended just as it has started, look for this first link. Second, much to my dismay, the link to the music that’s supposed to play at the end of the game is broken, robbing the “””true”””(???) end of a little bit of its emotional heft. That said, it is linked in the credits so you can still give it a listen if you like.

Play in your browser here!

Connecting (2014)


“Waiting at London Heathrow airport for a connecting flight home, you receive a text from your partner, Sam. As you begin to talk, Sam asks you about your night out with your friend Robin, at which point the conversation becomes awkward.”

Connecting was my first game, made in collaboration with Sandy Gardner (whose name, to my eternal and unebbing shame, is misspelled in the credits.) It’s a dialogue-tree about relationships, confessions, truth and narrative. Players are encouraged to approach the game as a sort of open-ended role-playing exercise: not just deciding whether to confess infidelity to their partner, but to decide whether there is any infidelity to own up to at all.

Download the game from!